This is an amazingly healthy AND versatile recipe. This mix can be put over greens for a salad or rice for an Island Rice. I use a few staple ingredients and happily modify with whatever happens to be in my fridge!
2 chicken/turkey breasts (sliced into bite sized pieces)
**chicken/turkey sausages work just as well if you have them on hand**
Sweet store-bought marinade (i.e. honey mustard)
1 mango
1/2 jalapeno pepper (use more if you like it really hot!)
Ginger (if fresh-grate? finely chop?, I use the powder)
Any of the following: White onion (finely chopped), carrot (grated), bell pepper (bite-sized pieces, red gives it great color), scallions (finely chopped)
Cashews (optional for those who are keeping the calories low!), any fruit/nut mix (pictured)
Salt, pepper, red pepper flakes (if 1/2 jalapeno doesn't cut it!)  

1. Marinate chicken/turkey breasts in a ziplock baggie or a small bowl in a good amount of marinade (from 30 minutes-1hr). **if you have them frozen, just thaw them and marinate them at the same time!**
2. Sautee the onion until it's translucent (3-4 minutes). Add meat, other vegetables, mango. Throw in the leftover marinade too! If the mixture is too dry, add a few tablespoons of water (or chicken stock). Simmer mixture on medium heat.
3. Simmer until the mango and veggies have reached desired level of doneness (cover the pan, everything will simmer together).
4. You're done. Serve over salad or with rice.

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