Pumpkin seeds have become all the rage recently. They *are* a great source of protein and other nutrients but their shells are frequently too tough to eat and you wind up wasting all that good fiber! Butternut squash seeds are small and delicate enough that you can eat them right along with the shell for that extra fiber boost. Plus it makes them much tastier =)

These come from a single cored out butternut squash (actually there were more but I've been snacking!). I took them out, got as much of the pulp out from them as I could (in about 5 minutes, then I got bored) and dried them out on a plate overnight. If things are humid where you are, just let them sit for as long as they need to before they are completely dry! This is important. If they don't dry completely, they wont get crispy!

Once dry, spray them with olive oil (or toss then with just the tiniest hint of EVOO) and then spice with cumin, cayenne and paprika. Of course, if that's not your cup of tea, go for some garlic or Italian seasoning or curry or black pepper. It's pretty flexible. Bake at 375 degrees (preferrably in toaster oven) until they start to pop (yes they will crackle, pop and bounce!) and turn a bit brownish.  You can always taste-test for crispiness.

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