Salsa Omelet


From the left: green apple (for after!!), measuring cup, eggs-in-a-carton (you can use real eggs!), salsa (I like the corn and black bean kind), PAM non-stick spray.

In the center: one strip turkey bacon, one TJ deli flat

This is 1/2 cup (2 servings or 2 egg equivalent) eggs + 2 tbsp salsa + salt, pepper, Italian seasoning mixture in the measuring cup. Use the measuring cup as your "bowl". Less cleanup!

1. Use as much or as little salsa as you want. This is a great place to use the more liquidy part of your salsa that you always have too much of. Any kind of salsa works.
2. use whatever seasonings you like, I also put in a few dashes of hot sauce!

Put the bacon in the microwave for 1 minute covered with a paper towel, tear it up into little pieces.
Spray a pan down with PAM (this is a small pan but I think I overloaded it, so my suggestion is to use slightly less than 1/2 cup of egg beaters or a medium pan), turn heat on medium and throw in the egg mixture, followed immediately by the bacon pieces, evenly dispersed.

This may seem ridiculous to most, but if you don't normally make omelets, just wait until the edges start to get a paler yellow just push them inwards and let the runny stuff seep through.

This is a LOT of food for 230 calories! And it has protein, vegetables (I bet you didn't know that salsa is an amazingly healthy condiment!!), protein again (bacon) and whole wheats (deli flat).

Other notes: I don't think this needs cheese and I don't think I'd be able to taste it over the bacon, but if you're a vegetarian, a few little cheese slices or a sprinkle of grated cheese (thrown on at the end!) would make this equally yummy.

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