I love almost anything with pumpkin but have discovered that it seems that if I want pumpkin without butter, sugar, pie crust or cream, I have to make it myself. Here's a great, super-cheap, super easy pumpkin dessert that you can make in a single serving in about 10 minutes! This comes out to a pretty good size and altogether about 110 calories.
Ingredients (left to right)1/4 cup egg whites (just use the kind in the carton)- 30 cals
1/2 cup canned pumpkin (do NOT buy pumpkin pie filling!) - 50 cals
Reduced sugar maple syrup (can also use agave nectar or honey)
1 packet sweet n low (or splenda or truvia, whatever)
A good helping of cinnamon
A sprinkle of nutmeg
Also good: pumpkin pie spice (hard to find but pretty yummy), ginger

Mix together (either right in the measuring cup or in a ramekin/shallow bowl) and taste. For whatever reason, heating this recipe knocks out some of the sweetness so if you like things sweet, make the "batter" extra sweet, OR add sweeteners at the end.

Heat on high for 1 minute, stir, heat again for 1 minute, stir, heat for 30 sec.
This is SUPER hot, so allow some time for cooling.

If you aren't concerned with appearances (I know, this isn't pretty!), sitr the final product for faster cooling.

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