These pancakes come out to be about 200-220 calories, each one about the size of a salad plate. I enjoyed this guy so thoroughly and I was still full after a 6 mile run in the park. I poured some reduced-sugar maple syrup over it but you can dress up your pancakes as you like.  Suggestion: consider heating some blueberries in a pan with a little agave nectar or lemon until it reduces to a jam. Or...use jam. Click here for original post.
Ingredients (from left)
1 tsp baking soda
1 egg white (the egg beaters work just fine!)
1/3 cup old fashioned oats
2-3 tbsp frozen blueberries (handful?), warmed in microwave until liquid collects on bottom.
splash of almond extract (or vanilla)

Not shown
1 packet sweetener (I prefer Sweet N Lo)
1 tbsp part skim (or all skim) ricotta cheese

1. Throw all ingredients EXCEPT baking powder and blueberries in a bowl.
2. Put baking powder in last
3. Mix well
4. Heat a pan on medium heat. You can a) spray it with non-stick cooking spray or b) run one end of a stick of butter on the hot pan. This adds a great taste and uses almost no butter.
5. Pour "batter" into the pan and spread out evenly with the bottom of your spatula.
6. Work quickly to evenly distribute the warm blueberries throughout the pancake. Flip when bottom browns and pancake moves when you shake the pan.

Shown is a flipped pancake. This is about the color you're going for. The blueberries are all on the bottom.

Here's my oatmeal pancake compared to 3 "unhealthy" pancakes that I made Boyfriend that morning.

1. Other good fruit in these pancakes include bananas, any other frozen berries.
2. For a few more calories, throw in a few chocolate chips.
3. Cooking, prepping and photographing all 4 of these (2 batches) took exactly 25 minutes.

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