NOTE: I did not make this, but will post a picture of my salad soon. This is an approximation.

1 mango
1 jalapeno (seeds removed)
1/2 green or red bell pepper
1/4 cup red onion (give it 2 chops from the center, dice those pieces)
Lime (zest and juice)

Optional: cucumber (chopped), grape tomatoes, corn (a little extra calories, but nice for color), avocado (lots of calories, but yum!)

Onion variations: substitute the red onion for shallot and scallion
Dressings: I find that lime juice plus a little salt suffices, but a nice ginger dressing is also very tasty.

*Note, I will NEVER julienne anything so I just chop my veggies in whatever shape they wind up in, but  try to keep the pieces small.

Use the cilantro in whatever proportions you want it. If you don't want to buy a lime, just squirt some lime (or even lemon) juice onto this. 

Uses: I can eat this salad just fine by itself. It's almost a dessert and almost a main course! However, if you're using it as a side or a garnish, I would suggest putting in some nuts, or some little shrimp or putting it under a mild white fish (halibut, flounder, cod, whatever you have lying around).

Though I haven't tried it, I am sure it would actually go really well with a salmon or a chicken.

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