1) Cut up some watermelon (I think the triangles grill well but feel free to play around)

2) On one side, spray or brush with a little EVOO

3) Give it a sprinkle of salt and pepper

4) Pop on a pammed grill pan, seasoned side UP

*Why seasoned side up? Because the pan is Pammed, which should take care of sticking, but by the time you flip, the Pam will have been used up and the EVOO can take care of it!*

They come out with nice, char grill marks but beware, they release a lot of juice. I love the juice, but if you're going for a pleasing appearance, let them drain a big first. Then, drink the juice =)

3-4 grilled watermelon triangles
1.5 servings fat free feta cheese
2 big handfuls of greens (arugula or spinach)
Consider adding fruit and nuts or some puffed wheat or other crunch-producing item.
I use fruity vinegar or regular vinegar but any sort of sweetish dressing will do.

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