Baked Tofu


Slice up 1 firm or extra-firm tofu block into 6 pieces

Place the pieces BETWEEN paper towels and squeeze out water between two heavy cutting boards (or any heavy flat objects!)

When water is squeezed out (20 minutes?) slather with favorite marinade (I used Jerk Caribbean but I would imagine Peppercorn/Garlic and Herb etc etc would work well too)

Jerk Caribbean Marinade
Bake at 375 for 15 minutes, flip and do another 10 minutes.
The BEST place to do this is honestly the toaster oven!

Calorie counting just depends on your block and marinade. Simple math.

Attempt #2: Honey Mustard Marinade.

Much tastier!


This is after first flip. Make as crunchy/chewy as you want!

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