That's a big serving bowl, so it's a LOT of food!
Serves 2

Defrosting shrimp: Defrost appropriate amount of shrimp in a bowl with some Honey Mustard Marinade (you can also use Sesame Ginger)

Left pan: 1 frozen package of Asian Vegetable Medley (or any pre-sauced veggie package)

Right pan: The shrimp. Make sure to toss EVERYTHING into the pan. The marinade will combine with the ice from the shrimp to give a watery but yummy sauce. When it heats and simmers it will thicken and produce a delicious accompaniment to the meal

The key: The third part of the above stir fry is some leftover spaghetti squash. You don't have to use anything at all, but if you use a squash or a rice or a pasta, make sure to roll it around in the shrimp sauce before plating. It will tie the whole dish together.

The bowl above was under 300 cals (270?) and was SUPER filling and took a nice long time to eat because there was so much variety on the plate. That's a BIG bowl you see up top!

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