This is one of my favorite new breakfast items. I have been putting it on Smart Bagels, in my yogurt, in oatmeals...you name it. It's going on a turkey sandwich next! It's something somewhat thinner than a jam, but much thicker than a sauce. It's too chunky to be a jelly. Jauce?
Easiest Recipe In The World
16oz bag frozen cranberries
1 cup water
1 tbsp sugar
3 packets sweetener
*Consider vanilla extract*

Boil a pot of water (add a cinnamon stick if you want, maybe even a vanilla bean scraping). Make sure to turn heat down to a simmer.

Drop in a 16oz bag of frozen cranberries. Add 1 tbsp sugar,

Wait till they begin to settle in and consider beginning to pop them with the back of your spoon. I'm not sure yet if they will pop by themselves.


Careful! The sauce will simmer and a) burn and B) stain.

Simmer for 10-15 minutes while trying to squish some cranberries.

Leave the pot alone after that to let the jauce begin to thicken.


Even if this didn't taste so great, it's still so nice looking! But it WAS good. It spiced up my yogurts and bagels!

But it's fine in just a little tupperware of vanilla yogurt, swirled into a pretty pink container of yumminess.

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