This is the simplest possible way to make brussel sprouts. What you'll get is a nutritious side dish or main course that, while not entirely remarkable, will compliment many proteins or serve as a pretty filling main course.
Brussel sprouts: just portion them depending on what you want. They don't shrink so what you see is what you'll get.
From the left: garlic powder, lemon-pepper, sea salt, balsamic vinegar, parmesan/romano grated cheese.

1. Boil salted water in appropriately sized pot. Toss in sprouts and boil about 6-8 minutes for this one serving-sized portion. 
*Note: smaller sprouts cook faster, larger sprouts take longer*
2. Halve the larger sprouts.
*Caution: these are hot, use a fork to hold them down*
3. Toss into a pan coated in non-stick spray and drizzle with the balsamic until some liquid is at the bottom.
*Use a large enough pan, overcrowding is a bad idea.
4. Sprinkle with the dry seasonings except the cheese (feel free to ad-lib here. Italian seasoning, red pepper flakes, garlic salt/celery salt are all nice). Sautee for 5 minutes until the vinegar permeates. Stir occasionally.

Total cooking time: ~20 minutes if you have to cut the sprouts in half.

Top the sprouts with a liberal helping of grated cheese and stir.

**Other helpful hints**
1. If you happen to have bacon around: chop up a slice of bacon and sautee in the pan for a few minutes before dumping in the sprouts. I reccomend turkey bacon though bacon bits are easier to store and are probably easier to use.

2. A drizzle of lemon juice is always nice on green veggies.

3. Pair with a protein if you need it. Consider something with a strong flavor (salmon, red meat).

4. Serves well with light or wheat beers and dry white wines.

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