As pretty and green as this was, it wasn't soup and without the seasonings of my broccoli dip it wasn't nearly as tasty.

Ingredients (shortest list ever!)
1 head broccoli (170g)
1 zucchini (160g)
1 heaping tbsp Fage 0% yogurt added in at end

1) Peel zucchini and break broccoli head up into florets

2) Steam whole thing, zucchini takes a bit longer.

3) Puree in blender. Add water or stock to thin the mixture (which I didn't do)

4) Also consider adding scallions, lemon, lemon-pepper, garlic.

I wound up tearing up a dinner roll and throwing it into the jar to get it all covered in "soup" and it turned out to be pretty satisfying, but as I said, it needs work.

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