The Apple Pie Bowl
1 serving Fiber One Honey Clusters (3/4 cup)
4-8oz (I used 6oz) Dannon Light and Fit Vanilla Yogurt
2 heaping tbsp sugar-free apple sauce
2 tsp Walden Farms Caramel Sauce

Tastes JUST like an apple pie but for about 200 calories for a huge bowl (as opposed to over 400 calories for a slice) and amazing nutritional value: dairy (calcium), fiber (cereal), fruit (apples).

Variation on a Theme
This is a crunchy, chocolaty bowl of goodness. Caramel Apples in a bowl!
~1/3 cup 5-grain cereal
3/4 green apple, chopped (eat rest alone or share)
1.5-2 Tbsp Walden Farms Syrup. I prefer Caramel but this is Chocolate (caramel also looks better)

It isn't the prettiest thing but boy is it tasty. And soooo filling.

Call this 250-300 calories.

***If you are worried about whatever they use to make a calorie free chocolate syrup taste good, just use the regular stuff, you're only adding an extra 50-100 calories**

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